Slurry Solution 

Outpak’s innovative Slurry Solution mixes into water-based paint slurry waste, encapsulating in minutes into a wet-sand consistency. Made from 100% organic blend of polymers, it is EPA compliant and landfill ready. The solution does not rehydrate. Great for medium-sized commercial projects. It can also be mixed into old paint to solidify for paint disposal, complying with landfill restrictions.  

Outpak Slurry Solution – 2lb Bag

Outpak Slurry Solution – 7lb Bottle  4 Pack

Outpak Slurry Solution – 7lb Bottle

Outpak Slurry Solution – 50lb Bag in Box

Outpak Slurry Solution Instructions

Outpak Slurry Solution can be added to any water-based slurry or paint. It can also be applied directly to a surface for use with floor polishing, core drilling and wet saw cutting. Made from 100% organic blend of polymers, it is EPA compliant. The solution does not rehydrate. Simply add slurry solution to slurry waste and stir. The greater the agitation, the faster the encapsulation. A demonstration video can be seen at:

How much slurry solution to use?

Coverage may vary depending on water content and slurry density. It can also differ due to moisture and temperature. Cold weather will slow down the process. As a guideline, the following amounts are recommended:

Slurry Solution

1 lb
2 lbs
Outpak 7lb bottle
Outpak 50lb bag

Slurry Waste

20 gallons
40 gallons
140 gallons 
1,000 gallons

Now a wet-sand consistency, it is ready to dispose of in any trash container or landfill.