The Outpak Paint Washout System

Paint cleanup and paint disposal is an essential part of all paint projects. Local, state and federal requirements do not allow paint or slurry to be washed down a drain or taken to a landfill in liquid form.

The Outpak paint Washout system allows you to clean your brushes, rollers and spray equipment and then solidify the slurry waste to be ready for landfill transfer.

Outpak Washout offers three types of washout containers depending on your paint project. They are also great for secondary containment of your spray equipment. When your project is complete, use Outpak Slurry to solidify your slurry waste into a sand-like consistency, ready for disposal.

The Outpak Paint Washout System in Use

4'X 4' All-Weather Washout

30" x 30" Corrugated Washout

The Paint Station

Outpak Slurry Solution