Why use Outpak Products for Paint?

by Matt Millensifer on April 07, 2020

Over the last 15 years, our society has made a major shift towards protecting our fresh groundwater and looked at how to improve the health of our environment overall.  Outpak Washout was created in response to enforcement in the Concrete industry.  Though regulation had always been in place (from a Federal level), local enforcement was increasing, and contractors needed a solution for concrete washout and disposal.  Outpak is now the leader in on-site washouts for concrete, paint, stucco, mortar, and drywall mud.

Roughly two years ago, we noticed the shift happening in the Paint industry as well.  We started receiving phone calls from Paint Contractors asking where they could purchase our washouts; in fact, recently a Distributor called because his client was washing out his brushes under a spigot and a City official cited him for it.  In response to this demand from the Paint industry, Outpak added the “Outpak Paint Station”, a paint washout kit designed for Paint Contractors, DIY Painters and anybody generally interested in being compliant with Paint products.

This is an obvious shift for many in the Paint Industry, and as we talk to painters and attend paint themed trade shows many see that paint containment, paint cleanup and proper paint disposal is necessary, and enforcement will only continue to increase over time.  However, many have never heard of the concept, so here are some reasons why anyone in the paint industry should use our containment products…

  1. Enforcement Can Mean Fines – As many in the concrete industry have already learned, once enforcement is taking place in your territory fines can be up to $25,000 for non-compliance. Compliance typically equates to containing your paint waste / wastewater and ensuring it doesn’t go into the ground (potential groundwater contamination), into a sewer drain or into a home drain.  As for paint disposal, most state landfills will accept paint if it is not in a liquid form (Outpak’s Slurry Solution product accomplishes this).
  2. It’s Convenient – We have heard of some unique ways paint contractors transport and store wastewater and old paint. My personal favorite was a paint contractor I met at PCA in Phoenix.  He had converted an old walk-in bathtub and they would transport their paint waste via buckets from a jobsite and store it on location in the tub.  He found that our all-weather washouts with lifting straps were a cost-effective, better solution to his problem.  We also hear many contractors talk about projects that may be elevated (i.e. 12th floor of hotel) where they need a solution that is more portable.  Additionally, they may be doing a remodel or tenant improvement project where there is no designated location to washout.  Those potential users find that our products are an easier, compliant solution.
  3. Professional, Clean Look – It is always a pleasure to attend tradeshows and meet contractors and talk to them about their business. I am always so impressed with their passion and professionalism when it comes to their company.  They genuinely want their clients to know that they care about their work and appreciate their business.  I personally believe our products accomplish just that.  With a clean, professional, EPA friendly look and design, using our products shows your client that you not only care about their property and keeping it clean, but also the environment.

We hope you will give Outpak Washout a try for your painting needs and see for yourself that we are the premier washout compliance product!